ZendayaStyle.Yolasite.com was first created on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011. The whole website is run by only one person, and I am thirteen years old. I go from making the layouts, to making the guides and more. I am also the same creator as "BellaThorneStyle.Yolasite.com". So currently, there are no other staff members. The purpose of this website is to offer you all things Zendaya! Including how she does her hair, makeup, where she gets her clothes, how she does her nails and more.

I know that there are other websites that offer Zendaya's style, and I try my best to not find the same guides as them. This site was not made to copy. This site was made because I love Zendaya's style, and I wanted to share her style with all of you. I don't like to copy. I will mostly do guides I find myself. I look for ones that aren't on other sites like this one, I would feel like I'm copying. The only time I will have the same outfit is if it is requested. I will always do requested outfits, I don't like to let people down! But I try my best not to copy. If if does form a problem with you, feel free to tell me through email.

I try to do at least one guide a day, even on school days. So school days it will be harder, I will usually only come out with one/two guides. But on weekends, I will put a lot of. Because I will have a lot more spare time.

This site means the world to me, I think it about it every day, when I wake up, during school ( lol ), after school, during sports, when I'm eating, when I'm asleep...All the time. I always think to myself, I can't wait to update today! And I am so blessed to have fans of this website, you don't know how much it means to me. God Bless you all. <3

Feel free to ask any questions, or request. Thank-you..


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